Do I have to register to post an ad?

No, you don’t need to register to post an advert, however you need to validate your email address on the first listing, in order for us to verify that you are a real person and not a spam bot.

What is the advantages of registering?

Having an account on Sell Today has many advantages.

  • View your favourite ads
  • Make comments on adverts
  • Post, Edit and manage your adverts
  • Upgrade the status of your adverts
  • Premium Services - Bump up, highlight, or move adverts to the top of the list
  • Reply to messages, sent messages online
  • People can rate your service, don’t forget to ask them to do so
  • You don’t have to compete all the necessary address fields on placing a new advert
  • View your expired listing
  • Manage your alerts
  • Add funds to your Wallet and pay for adverts out of the wallet.

Do I pay for to place an advert?

On Sell Today, placing your advert is free for 30 days, you only pay for Premium Services (Premium, Highlight, Bump up).

When choosing your advert to be “Premium”, it will always be shown first on the list, increasing you’re the sale of your product by 50 times.

I did not choose a Premium service on first publication, can I upgrade the advert later?

Yes you can upgrade your advert late, by login into your account, click on “Account Management”, then click on “Premium Service” choose the advert you want to upgrade

Can I enter my website address?

Yes, you can, we have made space available for this reason.

This is a great feature, and increase traffic to your website and increasing your Google Ranking.

Can I add video?

You can’t upload videos.
You can enter a YouTube video link in the space provided. And the video will be visible on our website.

Do you have an app?

Yes we do, it is available in the Google App Store – Search for SellToday or follow the link by clicking here.

Do I need the app, to visit your website on a mobile device?

No, our website is fully responsive, and will automatically adapt to any screen size.

Can I setup a public profile?

Yes you can, login to your account under “Account Management” click on “Profile”.

How safe is my email address?

Sell Today has email protection for sellers, that have decided to publish also their email address. This is very often abused by spamming bots that grab email and start sending spam to you. With Sell Today, email is protected and cannot be grabbed in correct format.

We once again advise not to put your email address into the body of your ad!

The contact form allows you to exchange messages directly through the Sell Today platform, which provides you and your email account with the highest amount of protection and safety from possible fraud.

If you get any suspicious messages from Sell Today users, please report them by using “Report abuse” at the bottom of each advert, or forward the messages to "Report Abuse".

We will take steps by blocking the person from further trading on Sell Today website.

The best protection from scams is to trade directly with people in person, in your town or city. Remember the golden rule “if it is too good to be true, it probably is.”

Can I setup alerts?

There is improved functionality of alerts on Sell Today, where it is possible to browse search parameters for each alert, so when you forgot what kind of listing is alert reporting, it is easy to see and check that. Alerts can also be managed under “My Account”.

My advert disappeared?

  • Your advert expired and was not renewed with in 15days after expiry.
  • You posted an advert not relevant to the South African, Namibia, and Botswana Market.
  • Your advert was marked “Offensive”, “Spam”, “Duplication”, after reviewing to be found true, advert was removed by management.

My Account disappeared?

Your account was inactive for 365 days, and was automatically removed from the system.

I lost my password, what now?

Click on login/Register, then click on forgot password, enter your email address, a verification link will be email to you to reset your password. When you receive the email click on the link and enter a new password.

Do you sell my personal information?

No we don’t, it is against our Policy, view our Privacy and Cookie Policy Here.

Can I renew my adverts?

Yes you can:

  1. Choose the auto publishing option, in add/edit advert.
  2. Email will be sent to you, requesting if you would like for your advert to be renewed, click on the link “Republish”

Do you keep Credit Card Details

No we don’t, it is against our Policy, view our Privacy and Cookie Policy Here.

All Credit Card payment is processed by a verified service provider “2Checkout”.


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